Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Using RefWorks for Your Citation Tool? Try Zotero!

RefWorks and Zotero are citation tools that allow researchers to save citations and PDF files while researching and insert them later into papers.  Several Zotero improvements are now leading UI&U Librarians to recommend Zotero as the best tool for doctoral students and other advanced researchers. 

Zotero Benefits:

  • The software is free and open source.  You can continue to use Zotero after graduation.
  • The software is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.  It can also be used as a standalone program on computers with Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux. 
  • Citations can be stored on your computer or online.  Zotero can sync between computers and also provides 300 MB of free online storage, the equivalent of approximately 300 PDFs.  
  • Zotero automatically imports most PDFs along with the citation.  RefWorks requires the user to save the PDF to their computer and then manually upload the PDF to RefWorks, which takes significantly more time.

Learn About Zotero

Get Started

  • Download Zotero (download both stand-alone version and browser extension)          
  • Export your RefWorks citations to Zotero

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